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Success Stories About Premium Bonds

Success Stories About Premium Bonds

Premium bonds are a great way to invest for your future. Not only do you get the chance to table your money in a secure environment but you get a chance to bombshell a million pounds. Some people suspect the outline but there is a plethora of success stories that prove that premium bonds are a good biggie and is a great way to have fun playing the monthly lottery. Each tempo bond numbers are randomly picked and if are the lucky investor, you could win a prize from fifty to a million pounds. The following are some testimonials about the success for premium bonds.

One lady had a one pound bond purchased for her by her grandparents. Even though the bond was purchased in 1965, this single bond has been picked twice for a fifty jolt and a hundred pound cash prize. This has spurred the woman to invest heavily in the program and she encourages her children to invest also. These two wins have created a saving culture within the native and with other wise financial decisions; this woman will be set up in her retirement age. Her family also will be able to save for college and their retirement also.

Another lady in Liverpool stated that tomato had twenty thousand premium bonds and that girl was disappointed that she didn't win anything after a few months. She had only won one fifty pound prize after the purchase. She was so up set that she wrote the National Savings and Investment agency and complained. Not only did she get a reply and an explanation but she also was notified that jail bait had won another fifty pound pleasure and ironically the same bond number she won on the virgin prize was the same bond number that was picked for the second time.

This was picked up by a conspiracy theorist who spouted the odds that if one bond is bought for one person, that person will have a chance of winning every three thousand years or so. Also that person has a chance of winning the million dollar prize at the odds of twenty three million to one. He is skeptical about the ladies story, but refuses to pull out his premium bonds because he knows it is a safe place for saving and he still has faith that he will earn a delectation, feasibly the million dollar prize for his investment. He says not unequaled he will save but will invest more until he gets to the cap of thirty thousand pounds.

Another lady supports the theory that newer bonds have a better chance to win than older bonds. She bought her son a bond in the 1961. Her son never won a prize for the bond since the purchase. The gentleman bought a new bond last year and won a fifty pound prize the first month. The theory that newer bonds win more frequently can be explained by the fact that the population and the popularity of bonds has increased since the sixties. Therefore the statistics are slanted more toward the new bonds than the ones bought decades ago.


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